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Our Staff

Owner, Janitor & Vice President of Musical Talent

The Painting Paw: If you were trapped on a deserted pottery island, what two painting tools would you want to have with you?®
Stacy: A funwriter and a big brush!

TPP: What is your favorite piece of pottery?
Stacy: That would have to be the Metropolitan Rectangular Platter. Lots of flat space to play with!

TPP: What is one thing you wish you could give up but have no chance at doing so?
Stacy: Sweet tea. I'm waist line says so.


Manager & Executive Reacher of Things on Tall Shelves

The Painting Paw: If you could do any chore at The Paw, what would it be?
Meg: Let me think...I guess it would be making sure everything is cleaned and put away. I just love it when things are organized and put away.

TPP: We've heard that sometimes you need chocolate to keep going. What's your favorite candy?
M: Milky Way but I really do love ALL chocolate

TPP: What is your least favorite chore to do at The Paw?
M: I'm not gonna lie...I don't like cleaning the toilet or the floors.


Assistant Manager & Senior Executive Sassypants

The Painting Paw: We hear you love to paint a little something as gifts for friends and family. What's your favorite piece to paint?
Maureen: Well, the pear shaped vase because you can to do many things with it's chubby, fun shape.

TPP: One day you'll be a grown-up. What would you like to be when you're all grown up?
Mo: I'll never grow up!
TPP: We don't blame you....

TPP: We've just expanded our paint color selection. Tell us which color you just LOVE.
Mo: #48 Also known as Key Lime Pie


Social Butterfly & Pottery Expert-in-Training

The Painting Paw: We believe that one day one of our staff members will be President of the United States. Do you think that staff member is you?
Anna: No. Honestly, no.

TPP: We've noticed that a lot of our staff have hidden talents...tell us what your's is.
A: I can play the drums....

TPP: Tell us what your favorite part of working at The Painting Paw is. And we already know your #1 favorite part is working with your AMAZING co-workers but what else?
A: Um...I like...removing the stickers from pottery. I also like how all the little kids get so excited about what they're painting


Director of Sweetness & Voodoo Princess

The Painting Paw: If you could be any of our pottery colors, which one would you be?
Alex: Um...this is hard. I guess i'd be...ummmmm...this is so hard! Um...#35 (also know as Tahiti Teal).

TPP: We hear you're a Glee fan! If you could be one of the characters, who would you be?
A: OMG, this is a really hard question! I think I would be Brittany S Pierce. She's really fun.

TPP: We have a lot of amazing tasks to do here at The Painting Paw, which is your favorite?
A: (Rolls eyes) favorite task is dremeling. Although, I do like to wash brushes.


Director of Sweetness & Voodoo Princess

The Painting Paw: We think the most important thing we can know about you is...who's your favorite signer?
Paige: KATY PERRY!!!!

TPP: We know you love to do chores where ever you go. What's your favorite chore here at The Paw?
P: Oh, I just LOVE organizing!

TPP: It's not always sunshine and roses. Sometimes you have to do things that aren't fun. What are some of your least favorite chores?
P: Listening to country. ICK! And sweeping.


Executive Fashion Plate

The Painting Paw: We know you just love to paint. What's the best pieces to paint here at The Paw?
Mia: Plate and platters because I can display them and showcase my artistic skills!

TPP: It's time to get serious, Mia. What is your favorite TV show?
Mia: That is serious. Well, I'd have to say...Real Housewives of New Jersey and Beverly Hills.

TPP: Please tell us what you like about your job.
Mia: It's getting to share my artistic skills with our fantastic customers. By the time they leave, they're more like friends. I just love my job!


Wrangler of Kids the Same Size as She Is

The Painting Paw: We've noticed that you just love your job. Tell us what you like to do most.
Alexa: Weeding out stickers. It's the best!
TPP: We know what you mean. LOVE it!

TPP: Although you don't get to paint often, since you are away at school, but when you do paint, what's your favorite piece to paint?
A: Picture frames and cute little banks.

TPP: Alexa, we all know this is a high-energy job. What kind of soda keeps you going?
A: Um...I don't drink soda.
TPP: Impressive!


VP of Hugs and Sweet Greetings

The Painting Paw: We know you LOVE to work but what do you like to do when you aren't at work?
Rachel: Hanging out with my friends and playing with my doggie :)

TPP: And tell us what you want to be when you grow up?
R: An agent for athletes
TPP: We were SO going to guess that!

TPP: We know you're a busy college girl, so we won't keep you. Just one last question, what's your favorite Painting Paw color?
R: Galaxy! Our customers know it as number 27. My favorite color is blue and i love navy blue!




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